Pulsar Launches RS200

If you are a bike lover, there is no doubt that you have been hearing about Bajaj’s Pulsar’s new roll outs this year. Sportsbike enthusiasts around the country have been waiting with bated breath for the release of the Pulsar RS200 ever since first images of the sportster released. That’s not the only bike that has been released from the Bajaj garage, the Pulsar AS 200 was much anticipated for too. Both bikes were designed to bring out the adventure biker in you and see what the hype is about!

Styling and design

First off, let’s be very honest here – both bikes have a stunning design to boast about. For sure, there have not been too many motorbikes India that can match up to the RS200 design though, it is breathtaking. Almost giving you the flair of a street racing bike that is brings about a sense of aerodynamism. The front twin beams are stand out and have to be the stand out feature in design along with the raised back seat to give a pure sports design to the rear tyre.

The AS 200 on the other hand has retained a big part of the conventional Pulsar design with its dome front body and recognizable Pulsar fuel tank. It has not tried to mend with a tried and tested formula too much, but the design retained is still very attractive.

Engine Specifications

If a new bike launch is around, this has to be the most interesting part. The RS200 and AS200 house a very similar engine in most departments. While both displace 200CC, the RS 200 has 24.5 BHP @9750 RPM as compared to the 23.5 BHP @ 9000 churned out by the AS200. Both are 4 stroke and are liquid cooled too. When compared in the 0-60 acceleration column, the RS200 makes the cut at 3 seconds while AS200 is at 3.6 seconds. The power that is driven from the RS200 is all the more attractive when you consider that it weighs in at 165Kgs as compared to 145Kgs on the latter.


The chassis of both these bikes are almost identical and the only standing difference is the front brakes that are placed. The RS200 comes with a single channel ABS & a 300 mm diameter disc, the AS200 front brake works on a 280 mm disc. When it comes to dimensions, the RS200 is a lot more compact with 1999 mm in length and gives lesser ground clearance too. That goes without saying when using a very sporty look for the bike.

Pricing & mileage

There is a significant difference in the pricing approach of both two wheelers India. The RS200 is priced at 1,32,000/- while the AS200 is at Rs 91,550/- (both prices are ex-showroom Delhi). The RS200 does have a heavier price tag, but delivers for the cost for sure. It is a completely different package that the AS200 and is for a rider with a lot of flair. The AS200 on the other hand is a more affordable and daily use bike that might be a hit amongst users graduating from the Pulsar 150s. The RS200 also gives a mileage of 45 as compared to 40 from the AS200.

In the end, it depends on the kind of rider you are and what you are looking for from your bike. If catching everyone’s eye is on the agenda with a little more of a budget – The RS200 is definitely the pick just because of the amazing looks that it has brought to the Indian roads, there is no other motor bike in the Indian market that can boast of looks like this today!

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