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Pioneer AVH-P8400BT

Pioneer AVH-P8400BT At First Hand Review : Introduction

Pioneer Corporation, based in Kawasaki, Kanagawa, Japan, is well known for technological advancements in the digital entertainment industry.


The Pioneer AVH-P8400BH smart in-car video system is a great innovation that transforms the experience in your car and takes it to a whole new level. It features Smartphone ready AV player, advanced app mode which that enable you to operate the unit’s iPod function from your iPod. It can save up to 1000 contacts for its hands free telephony.

Pioneer AVH-P8400BH also features aux-in SD card and USB input for easy connection to your devices, a fully detachable front panel to prevent theft, 8-band graphic equalizers, an AM/FM tuner and various screen modes

The system houses ASR technology, auto EQ, sonic center control which optimizes sound for the best experience. A sub woofer may also be connected for a powerful bass experience without the need for an amplifier. It has a maximum power output of MOFSET 50W x 4. The system also houses AM/FM tuner, 3 hi-volt pre outs, so you can boost your in-car setup with additional amps, sub woofers and speakers.

Dual zone entertainment

The Pioneer AVH-P8400BH also features dual zone technology that allows the front seat occupants to enjoy different AV sources from the rear seat passengers at the same time. You can also enjoy wide selection of music in almost any format for both music and videos and in addition to that, use the apps on your iPhone on the screen

The Pioneer AVH-P8400BH has a 2-DIN integrated entertainment hub for installation. Pioneer Corporation also sends in a user friendly and detailed manual to ensure awareness of proper use of the product. The company also has an effective support platform for consumers to ensure any hitches are solved and the consumers enjoy uninterrupted sound system. Pioneer Corporation also offers a warranty for their products. The screen is also very user friendly with interactive features and icons that facilitate easy navigation.


It is mainly compatible with almost all iPods and iPhones. However, the advanced app mode does not support all the iPod and iPhone versions from apple Support functions include battery charging, list browsing, album art, music playback, video playback and iTunes tagging.

It is advised that the system is used when the car is running to avoid a complete drain of the car’s battery.

The Pioneer AVH-P8400BH is available in all pioneer shops around the world. You could visit also visit your local digital entertainment shops authorized by Pioneer Corporation to purchase the state of the art in-car video system. The system can also be purchased through online platforms such as Amazon and eBay.

The system goes between the range of $500-$600 depending on where you purchase it.

The Pioneer AVH-P8400BH is definitely in a class of its own and stands out among its competitors. It is the definition of a fine innovation.

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