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Pioneer AVH-P4300DVD

Pioneer AVH-P4300DVD Review – Advanced Multimedia Device for Cars : DVD player/receiver has become the most common multimedia provider for cars and homes. Although HDMI devices such as Blu-ray players can deliver better performance and provide impressive entertainment quality, most people cannot afford the price. As opposed to the expensive HDMI devices, DVD players are much cheaper and able to deliver acceptable performance and quality. A good example of a complete DVD player is the Pioneer AVH-P4300DVD. It is a cutting-edge multimedia device, which offers great deals functionalities and enhanced user’s experience.

General Overview

The DVD player from Pioneer provides great range of compatibilities to plenty of multimedia file types including DivX videos, VCD files, WMA, AAC and MP3. There are more playable multimedia contents to enrich the entertainment quality inside your car and house. Just like any high-end video and audio player, the Pioneer AVH-P4300DVD is equipped with an advanced sound retriever to bring out detailed and clear voices from audio files. The advanced sound retriever can restore the data which is lost during the compression process of MP3, WMA and AAC. The data is processed to deliver any song in the same quality that the artists want you to hear.

The next sessions of this Pioneer AVH-P4300DVD review contain brief explanation about the main features and benefits of the device concerning audio performance, interface, and compatibility.

Concerning the audio performance, Pioneer AVH-P4300DVD brings some good technologies to ensure an outstanding sound output. One of the most advanced improvements is the Sonic Center Control, which is used for calibrating the listening environment. When the function is activated, you will not have to be right in the center of the cabin to hear the best sounds from the speakers. Sonic Center Control applies a very complicated processing mechanism to adjust the frequency phase to deliver clearer and more detailed sounds. Before any sound reach the speaker, the advanced sound retriever has processed and uncompressed the audio files to be played. It is a fact that some amounts of data are lost during the compression process of many audio files such as MP3, WMA, and AAC. Actually, the data are still kept on the storage device such as CD, VCD, or DVD, but some players are not able to gain access to include the data for audio processing mechanism. The advanced sound retriever takes over the data and plays the sound in a better quality. Furthermore, just like any high-end audio player, the Pioneer AVH-P4300DVD brings eight-band equalizer for manual calibration to the sound orientation if necessary. There is also an automated sound equalizer that will continuously detect any possible distortion and fix the broken audio before it reaches your ears.

All the good functions of Pioneer AVH-P4300DVD are easily controlled through the interesting control panel display. There is a 7-inch touch screen display at the front side of the device as the control panel. It is also great that there are two options to display the controls, which are basic and full operation. In basic mode, the display will be filled with only standard buttons and general performance calibration. In full operation mode, the control panel displays the entire processes currently active.