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Indian Motorcycle Dealers: What Might They Offer? : If you are the owner of an Indian motorcycle or you are considering purchasing your first bike from the bike maker you will be looking for Indian Motorcycle dealers. Even if you don’t plan on buying the bike from a dealer and you have chosen to purchase one second hand privately, you will need someone to service the bike and have the security of knowing they supply spare parts. But what can you expect from a dealer and what services do they offer?

New and Used Indian Motorcycles

If you have to purchase your Indian motorcycle you will be happy to know that online dealers will generally offer both new and used motorcycles and this may be a great place to start when looking for a bike. You will typically be able to find and choose from a large range of motorcycles including:

  • The Bagger 2015 Chieftain;
  • The Cruiser 2015 Chief Dark Horse, 2015 Chief Classic or the 2015 Chief Vintage;
  • The 2015 Scout;
  • The Touring 2015 Chief Roadmaster.

Financing Options for New Motorcycles

Some, but not all, dealers may offer you finance solutions for purchasing a brand new motorcycle as generally not that many people can walk into the showroom and pay cash for their new bike. While you could choose to find your own finance option, generally going with the dealer is the easiest and fastest way to complete the purchase and get out on the road on your new bike.

Trade-In Service on Your Old Bike

If you currently own a motorcycle you may want to sell it and put the money towards your new Indian motorcycle. Dealers often allow you to do this through them. You can find out how much they will offer as a trade in towards your new bike and this saves you having to go through the process of advertising and finding a buyer for your old bike.

Parts and Service Department

Good Indian motorcycle dealers should offer a parts and service department. This means that if anything should go wrong with your motorcycle you can book in for repairs and service with the same company you purchased the bike from. They should offer a wide range of spare parts or be able to order parts for your bike and offer a service with trained technicians. You might also want to check whether they offer a warranty.

Test Ride an Indian Motorcycle

Are you indecisive about which motorcycle out of the range of Indian motorcycles you want to buy? If so check to find out if the dealer offers a test ride. Booking a test drive is a great way of finding out if the bike is suitable before making the commitment.

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