Important Motorcycle Safety Tips : Ever more popular, but very dangerous, motorcycle riding is very common in many states. Following are some guidelines which are offered in an effort to provide useful traffic safety information. While some of the suggestions are common sense, other points are important to review:

Lane Splitting

One of the most dangerous and disruptive actions of motorcycle riders is lane splitting. This is also known as lane sharing or filtering. Some states have confusing laws, neither allowing or prohibiting a motorcyclist sharing a lane with other vehicles going in the same in the same direction within the same lane. Extreme caution should be used as a biker participating in lane splitting. All it takes is for a car to pull out unexpectedly into another lane and a serious injury accidents is the result.

Motorcycle Helmets

California has a motorcycle helmet law, enacted in 1992. While somewhat controversial, it is a requirement for every motorcycle rider to have a compliant helmet. A helmet is one of the best forms of protection in case of a motorcycle crash. Helmets are designed to absorb the impact of a crash, and hopefully lessen the injuries after a motorcycle accident.

Keep Safety in Mind

It is the responsibility of both drivers and motorcyclists to maintain a safe highway environment. Common sense would tell any driver to be alert and courteous while travelling on streets and especially freeways. Keep a safe distance behind any vehicle in front of you. Use the 2 second rule, staying behind whatever is in front of you. Always wear both a helmet and other protective gear. Obviously, do not ever ride while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

While on the Road

Don’t speed! A motorcycle collision is much more likely than a car crash to cause serious injury or death. Realize that most drivers cannot see you, be aware of blind spots in cars and trucks especially. Weather conditions, road conditions and traffic can all factor in to the cause of a motorcycle crash.

Know Your Bike

Before you head out on the roadways, be sure you have practiced and know your motorcycle well. Many motorcycle crash victims realize they might have been able to avoid the accident if they had been more familiar with their bike. Practice fast stopping, accelerating, turning and swerving.

Have You Received Injuries After a Motorcycle Accident?

If you have suffered injuries after a motorcycle accident, seek immediate medical care. You may not realize how seriously you have been injured. Internal injuries are common, and can be deadly. Don’t try to settle with an insurance company on your own. Contact an experienced motorcycle accident attorney for an initial free consultation to discuss your potential motorcycle collision lawsuit. Your Newport motorcycle collision attorney will be able to best represent you and reach a fair settlement.

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