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Why You Need to Replace Cracked Windshields : Driving around with a car that has a cracked windshield is a very risky thing because there are roles that the windshield has to play. There are also laws that each locality puts in place pertaining to what should be done to make sure that everyone is safe as they use the road. A crack in your windshield may look like something small but it is always a very big deal when you come to think of it. When something is small, it has the potential to become bigger and more dangerous.

Driving while the windshield is cracked can obstruct your vision and this can lead to accidents that can cause more damage to the car, harm to others, harm to property, and issues that are law related,

Is it illegal?

If you have a cracked windshield, then you need to have it repaired as soon as possible because in some areas, there are very strict requirements pertaining to the car windshield. To avoid citations and fines, you need to follow the set rules in your locality at all times.

Age of the car

There are some classic and antique cars that are usually sold after manufacture without any windshield. These are the only kinds of cars and motorcycles that can be driven in some areas without any issue. However, any vehicle manufactured after 1936 needs to have gazing material for safety. The windshield should also have functional wipers.


If you happen to have a cracked windshield, then you can make use of DIY kits that can assist with the repairs. This happens to be an easier way to get the repairs done and it is simpler. The kits can be bought locally or online.

The issue with such kits that allow you to do it yourself is the fact that they do not give you the highest quality available. This means that things may still go wrong sooner than later. The repairs, therefore, may not be up to the standards that are usually set by the law and you may still need more work eventually.

To avoid this, you should find a professional repair company or specialist. Fixing a windshield should always be handled professionally. As you consider your personal safety, also bear in mind that there are other road users that need consideration. When you lack enough visibility, you pose a danger to yourself and everyone around you. This could lead to serious accidents. Things can be really bad should the windshield come loose as you drive.

The cost of the job done usually depends on your car model and the size of the crack that has to be dealt with. Sometimes, it may be necessary to have the entire windshield replaced and for this, you may have to spend even more money. You should take time to check with the insurance provider regarding whether such repairs are covered or not. In most cases, repairs are not covered by insurance covers.