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Dashboard Camera


Dashboard cameras used to be an essential in every police car. They were an innovative gadget that allows police officers to keep track of what they’re up to, from chasing criminals or when making the rounds as part of their patrol duties. These cameras are specifically designed to withstand a great amount of shock, and to fit perfectly inside a car’s dashboard. They have proven to be extremely useful in getting accurate recordings of road accidents, chasing incidents, and other uses.

But over time, when the videos recorded by these police cameras were presented to the public in news (and sometimes in documentaries and reality shows), many people became appreciative of their uses. As a result, the dashboard camera has turned from a police tool into a civilian’s best friend. Today, there are many people who have dashboard cameras installed in their cars.

Why Should You Have a Dashboard Camera

Dashboard cameras are also called driving cameras. Many of these cameras are now installed in the rear-view mirror or any part of the car other than the dashboard. If you still have doubts whether or not to buy a driving camera, here are some of the top reasons why they make a good purchase.

1. Record every moment of your adventure
If you’re planning on making a trekking trip, record all the fun with a dashboard camera. No matter how bumpy the road may be, the camera will stay in place and will record crystal-clear videos of all the happenings during the trip. There are other cameras that are made especially for biking experiences and other adventures, so if you’re a biker, check out a driving camera intended for this purpose.

2. Record details of an accident
The recording taken during the accident will prove useful in trials or even in insurance claims. If you have a high-resolution camera installed in your car, rest assured that your chances of winning your case is higher than when you just rely on witness or police testimony. If you have an actual recording of the incident, you almost don’t have to argue your case because it is considered won.

3. Record videos at night
Many advanced and more sophisticated dashboard cameras are able to record videos at night, either with the use of supplementary light or night vision. So even if you’re traveling at night, rest assured that all the happenings during your trip are captured in as much detail as possible.