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Some motorcycle enthusiasts will never be pried away from their beloved bikes. Motorcycles, for some, are a way of life. Others enjoy their motorcycles as hobbyists who occasionally need an open-road adventure. However, there has been a downtick in motorcycle riding interest in recent years. The motorcycle industry continues looking for new ways to attract more motorists, and kids could be key to saving the market and turning things around.

A drop in motorcycle riding interest

A kid riding a kids motorcycle outdoors.

Kids motorcycle | Getty Images

Some might argue that the skyrocketing gas prices would create a surge in motorcycle interest. But the overarching trend in the industry suggests people are losing interest in a view from behind the handlebars. It could represent more of a safety concern or weather and practicality issue, as Motorcycle Monarch describes. Additionally, motorcycle riding can be expensive when considering the bike’s cost and all the necessary gear.