What is an Electric Car and Why are Electric Cars Preferred Over Gas Powered Vehicles?


What is an Electric Car and Why are Electric Cars Preferred Over Gas Powered Vehicles? : Today electric vehicles have become popular among urban users and the reason for this is these vehicles are noiseless and produce no pollution. Everyday you get to see more news regarding electric cars and how they are being developed which shows that these cars are here to stay. Let us know the basics of these cars, their working and advantages.

So what is an electric car?

It is a vehicle that runs completely with electricity and it has electric motors and controllers instead of an internal combustion engine like in a gas powered car. There are many other important components which keep them working like a charm. It is almost comparable to the gas cars but still under development to meet the power deliverability that gas cars provide but apart from this drawback the electric cars are far ahead in all the features.

Why electric cars are preferred?

Electric cars can be recharged from the household plug in sockets and they are estimated to save a lot more than the gas cars. Today there are many charging stations being built at many places and innovative charging stations that help you charge the batteries wirelessly are also developed and are being used in some places as a prototype with good appreciation from the electric car users. More such innovative ideas with cutting edge technology can make the use of electric cars feasible to common man. Depending on the type of batteries the speed at which they can be charged varies.

The biggest plus point of electric vehicles is that it does not emit any pollutants, thus reducing the carbon footprint and giving back something to the environment. These cars rely on batteries for power so there is no burning of gases and hence no emission. This appeals to most of the environmental friendly people and it is a good match to their persona.

The other advantage of electric cars is that they provide or recover energy whenever you apply brakes. What I mean is that they generate electricity when brakes are applied and stores this energy in the batteries, so this makes them even more efficient in terms of energy conservation.

These electric vehicles can be used along with solar panels to make them even more eco-friendly by generating its own power from the sun and using less electricity generated from power grids. And with just a single recharge these vehicles can last over a large distances without any trouble.

What about safety?

These cars have the same standards like the gas powered cars and they are heavy compared to gas cars. It is proved that heavy vehicles are prone to less injuries again giving these cars advantage over the regular fossil fuel cars.


As with the advantages there are some drawbacks also, right now the cost of these vehicles are very high and batteries have to be replaced every 3 years. But with growing technology these drawbacks can be easily over come in the near future.