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Unicycle Buyer’s Guide : Using a unicycle as a medium of transportation is not only a great way to cut your carbon footprints but also one way to increase your physical activity and improve your overall health. Unicycles are bicycles that have one wheel and are pedal-driven. Aside from the wheel and the pedals, it also has several parts such as the seat post, saddle or seat, cranks and ankle bearing.

Unicycle Types

Unicycles come in several types including freestyle, trials, mountain, giraffe and long distance. Choosing the type depends on the purpose of the rider. Freestyle, as such, is great for riders who want more flexibility and speed and use the cycle to do tricks or maneuvers as the wheels are smaller but the frame is stronger. The unicycle with big wheels on the other hand is great for commuting as it is sturdier than the standard or freestyle type. For people with long legs, a giraffe unicycle is ideal as they are taller with heights starting from five feet tall.

Trial and mountain cycles are perfect for those who are interested in doing obstacles or performing tricks with their cycles as these types are made of sturdier materials that help them to withstand and absorb impacts from performing jumping tricks and traversing mountain paths. For riders who are interested in covering longer distances, touring or long distance cycles are ideal as the wheels are larger in diameter and made to cover longer distance.

Beginner’s Ride

For beginners who are entirely new to this, choosing the cycle depends on the length of the rider’s legs as it would determine the ability of the person to reach the pedal while comfortably sitting down on the saddle. Buyers who have shorter legs may request the store to cut down the seat post so that they can reach the pedal comfortably. The regular unicycle or freestyle ones are ideal for beginners as they are affordable and at the same time sturdier with wheel sizes ranging from 12 to 24 inch.


For those who are on the advanced level, there are new wheels out there that are gaining popularity such as the ultimate and the impossible wheel. The ultimate is harder as it doesn’t have any seat or frame on it– just the wheel and the pedals so the cyclist should maintain their body’s balance while using the wheel. The impossible wheel on the other hand uses metal plates instead of pedals and also doesn’t have any seat frame on it.