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Tips on Building A Car Stereo System : Building a stereo system for your car is a challenging task. You also have to deal with the tight spaces. You can rebuild the whole stereo system or just replace the parts in stages starting with the speakers, the most important component. This article provides installation tips and products for building a car stereo system.


As stated above, the speakers are the most important component of a car stereo system. The size, shape, type, power requirements, and mounting location are the factors that you need to consider. You should know by now which speakers that will fit your car.

Match the speakers’ power capacity with the power output of the head unit. Include crossovers for tweeters and midrange speakers.


Subwoofers need more power and enclosure than the speakers. You can customized or buy an enclosure for your car. There are many types of enclosure that you can buy on the market based on the type of subwoofer or car your have. Some car companies provide amplified subs with enclosures that are easy to install.


Most units have pre-installed amplifiers. However, external amplifiers with more power is the best ones since you can tweak the bass level, midrange, and high frequencies to balance the system. In addition, a subwoofer needs more power than tweeters and midrange. You can also have another amplifier for the subwoofer and use the built-in amplifiers into the unit. If you use separate amplifiers, then you will be needing crossovers between the speakers and the amps to send the amplifier’s signal to the right speakers. There are some amplifiers that have crossovers.

Head Units and Receivers

When building a car audio system, you can still use your factory head unit or replace it with a new one. However, the disadvantage of factory head units is they do not have pre-amp outputs. Therefore, you can’t use external amplifiers. If you are replacing your factory head unit, you should consider the chassis size. You need to determine what type of head unit you are going to buy.


Installing a brand new head unit is a bit tricky. But it is easier if you have the right tools, a good background in electronics, and patience. If you do not have these elements, then you can hire someone to do the job for you. You should also consider that by doing this, you will void the warranty of car. There are numerous companies that provide services on installation, or you can go to the internet and search for tips on how to do it. Good luck!

Manuel Zerna is experienced when it comes to constructing stereo systems in automobiles. He actually owns a small shop in Chicago. He also posts reviews on  double din car stereos

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