The Threat to the Vehicle Thefts, Wheel Clamps : Parking your Vehicle

When you learn to drive a car, parking a vehicle is the most difficult and probably the most important thing. If you don’t know how to park your vehicle, it will not only irritate the drivers around you, but also lead to your vehicle meeting a potential mishap. Many of the times, there have been cases when your vehicle begins to slide down the pathway where you park when the area is elevated. Moreover, one can also face an unfortunate situation if you park in the wrong area. What would that unfortunate situation be? Your vehicle’s wheel getting clamped, as a punishment. How does the wheel get clamped? The answer is a wheel clamp.

What is a Wheel Clamp?

As the name suggests, it is a device which is used to prevent a vehicle from moving. It’s also called a wheel boot, parking boot or a Denver boot. The Denver boot was named after the city of Denver, Colorado. It was the first county, which used them to force the people of the city to park in a sophisticated manner. The device is mainly used for law enforcement or as an alternative for the steering-wheel lock.

The Functions of a Wheel Clamp

There are many functions which can be performed by this device. As stated earlier, it can be used to punish an offending vehicle, for which the offender is made to pay a fine, charged by the law enforcement or the property owner. Moreover, it can be used to enforce the people who haven’t paid their fines, to pay their dues. It is generally used by the banks, who take the car under them if the person fails to repay their loan. One of its uses is to prevent moving a disabled vehicle. Sometimes, people go to some other city or country and keep their vehicle parked at home for a long time. So to avoid getting it stolen, one can clamp their vehicle wheels. Furthermore, it can also be used by law enforcement to chase down a prosecutor and prevent them from escaping.

The History of the Wheel Clamp

People have been using different versions to avoid it from being stolen or driven since years ago. There are a variety of security devices used. Later on, in the year 1944, the wheel clamp was invented, making everyone’s quest about searching for methods to secure their vehicle, finally complete. The one we use today was originally called the auto immobilizer. At that time, the device was invented to help out the police department of the Denver city in overcoming the growing parking problem. The cars which were towed by the police department were often vandalized. They come in different shapes and sizes for a variety of vehicles.

The Conclusion

The best one at present is the ‘London Wheel Clamp’, which was designed in London. In conclusion, it is a very helpful device used for a variety of reasons and satisfying its buyers with its strong clamp.

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