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The Indian Scout Is Back With a Bang : There is a point of time when we pause and look back what we have come through and it would dawn on us that we had some best things to enjoy in the past that are not available today. The Indian Scout was a motorcycle model that was engineered by the Indian Motorcycle Company from the year 1920 to 1949. It was one of the most popular models of that time and ruled over the space for a longer period of time. It gave tough competition to the Chief and the four. Now, the motorcycle model has gained a new life as it is reinvented to match up with the current day requirements.

Fantastic engine

First of all, the brand new Indian Scout comes with an absolutely stunning engine with fuel-injected V-twin, 1133cc liquid cool along with 100 horsepower and 72 lb-ft torque. The engine provides for a clean, smooth and exceptional driving experience. It has got an absolutely stunning in-built mechanism to support a smooth drive all along. The flywheel is big and heavy making it easy for you to ride with ease and control. It is best for both new as well as professional riders.

Perfect riding position

The Indian Scout offers a perfect riding position with its high seats that is of 25 inches. Your feet can be positioned in the upfront. The bike moves in a forward and standard manner. It is comfortable to ride on this new version.

Six speed gear

The wonder machine comes with a six speed gear box. The transmission is best and the gears are wide enough. The second gear would take you over 60 mph. The bike is packed with extra power to provide you a smooth and swift travelling experience.

Attractive design

The motorcycle has undergone some major changes with regard to outlook and design. The parent company Polaris has gone to the extent of paying homage to the old 1920 model. The designers have come out with a hard tail kind of appearance. It comes with a black headlight bucket, black wheels that are glossy and tan saddle. It comes with a leather seat that looks classy and attractive. It is available in colours gloss red, gloss black, and silver matte finish and black matte finish.

On the whole, the Indian Scout turns out to be one of the refreshing motorcycle models that comes packed with some absolutely attractive features.