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The National Solar Tour introduces consumers to innovative renewable energy, green building and electric vehicle solutions that are improving property values, slashing energy costs, and creating smarter, more efficient work and living spaces while accelerating ASES and EEBA’s shared vision of a world equitably transformed to a 100% clean energy future. 

“Any successful climate protection strategy must consider residential and commercial buildings, which are responsible for almost 40 percent of U.S. carbon dioxide emissions(1),” noted Energy and Environmental Building Alliance Executive Director Aaron Smith.

“Sustainability is our core value,” Smith continued. “With over 90,000 green building stakeholders, EEBA is a force for smarter, safer, more resilient homes that compels a healthier, decarbonized future. Our alignment with ASES delivers a potent partnership that empowers communities to live sustainably and save as they accelerate America’s burgeoning clean energy economy.”

The official tour weekend is slated for October 1-2, but tours can occur anytime throughout the year and are open to all 50 states. The opportunity for tax-deductible sponsorships is now available for sustainable, ESG-oriented brands, electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicle manufacturers and innovators in the solar, clean energy, water efficiency, green building and home improvement space eager to showcase their solutions and keep the tours free for the tens of thousands sustainably-inclined consumers who participate each year.

“The National Solar Tour offers a casual, no-pressure environment that allows families, businesses, public agencies and non-profits to talk with builders, installers, and fellow property owners about solar, storage, energy efficiency and an array of sustainable solutions to reduce their carbon footprint and live cleaner, healthier lives while hedging against rising energy costs,” said ASES National Solar Tour Director Lauren Reddington. “In these inflationary times, every penny counts!”  

The National Solar Tour is a free public service. Join a scheduled tour – or start one of your own! It’s free; it’s turnkey. And it’s a great way to introduce the latest energy-frugal, money-saving sustainable living innovations – and the rebates and tax incentives they deliver in your neck of the woods. Click here to see the range of open house tours slated for 2022, then register to showcase your innovation.

About the Energy and Environmental Building Alliance (EEBA):  EEBA delivers turnkey educational resources and events designed to transform residential and commercial construction practices through high performance design, marketing, materials, and technologies to realize a future where everyone’s homes are healthy, resilient, zero energy and zero carbon. With over 90,000 key stakeholders, EEBA is a force paving the way for better homes and a better future. Learn more at

About the American Solar Energy Society: Established in 1954, the American Solar Energy Society (ASES) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that advocates for sustainable living and a 100% renewable energy future via in-depth reporting, educational events, Webinars, and conferences that cultivate community and power progress. ASES integrates the perspectives of science, industry, policy and citizens via the award-winning Solar Today magazine, the e-newsletter [email protected], monthly Webinars, the ASES National Solar Conference and the National Solar Tour. Learn more at

(1) Web Source: Environmental and Energy Study Institute (EESI).

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