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Should You Or Should You Not Buy An Airwheel? : Airwheels or electronic unicycles are now becoming popular as a means of modern transportation for commuters. As the unicycle allows the person to glide instead of walk, many find it useful especially in urban communities. That being said, some are still unconvinced of its usefulness and there are many complaints with regards to safety issues. For those who are seriously considering purchasing an electronic unicycle, here are some things that you ought to take into account before making that final decision.


One of the first things that buyers should consider is the purpose or why they are interested in buying an Airwheel. Do they need the wheels to commute or is it just to have fun? Do you want to save on gas, cut parking fees or even save time? Do you want to reduce your carbon footprints or just want to avoid traffic? As these wheels tend to be expensive, more so depending on the model and brand, it is necessary to consider whether your investment is worth it in a long-term perspective.


Learning to ride the unicycle may take some time especially for those who have problems maintaining their sense of balance. That being said, buyers should think of places where they can practice safely. It is best to used it on flat and even terrains as uneven pathways might cause accidents. Some advanced users can use the unicycle in densely populated areas as they are able to control their wheel and since some models are lighter, it is convenient to carry around as well.

Safety Issues

Beginners should also note that some issues may come up such as accidentally falling from the unicycle and having leg bruises and scrapes. As unicycles do not have any seat or handle support like Segway do, one might fall off the unicycle if they lose control. Different models have their own internal stabilizer to help riders get their grips; however, some models don’t. It is necessary to check the model’s features before purchasing it.

Should You Buy One?

Airwheels are an excellent new way of commuting. For those who are looking for an easy commute or travel without the dramas that come with public commuting or driving their own car, electronic unicycles are a must have. They are environmentally friendly, portable and hands free. The cost might set you back several hundred of dollars; however, in terms of long-term savings, you can save more.