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Parrot Bluetooth Car Kits – MKi Button Synchronising, MKi Parrot Bluetooth car kits have a separate remote control. This battery-driven unit may need to be synchronized to the kit because it was broken and you have replaced it, or simply because it has stopped working. As this button is not hardwired, this is an easy fix for customers to make without the need for professional help.

Button Placement

With this range of Bluetooth car kits, there is a choice when it comes to placing the remote control. Unlike many other systems, the remote is battery-operated and totally independent from the rest of the kit. It is because there is no connecting cable, that a greater range of mounting options are possible.

In all photographs provided by Parrot, the remote control is placed within a thumb’s reach while being strapped to the car steering wheel. The problem with this option is that the unit often gets knocked and can easily end up broken. Realistically most people develop their own driving style and just don’t stick to the ‘Ten-to-Two’ hands on the steering wheel position.

The remote control can also be placed on the dash. Depending on the car’s interior design there are usually a few options to choose from. Please note that the device needs to be within easy reach of the driver and also stuck down onto a flat surface.

We find that there is about a fifty-fifty split in how customers choose the remote control to be mounted. However, in our own personal cars, we prefer the button to be mounted on the dash.

System Confusion

The remote control connects to the rest of the kit wirelessly. It is not very common, but occasionally a system gets confused and the remote stops being able to communicate with the brain.

Whether you are programming in a new remote or synchronizing an existing remote the method is the same. The procedure is a sequence of button presses, performed at the correct time and can be performed by car owners.

MKi Button Synchronising

1. Turn the ignition on a wait for the device to start up,

2. When you see either 9200 or 9100 on the screen then,

3. Hold down the green and play/pause button together with one hand while,

4. Press the red button several times until the display shows the kit is responding.

MKi Parrot Bluetooth Kits – Getting it Right

It is important that the button press sequence is done at the point that the screen comes to life. Customers with the MKi 9000, without a screen, will need to guess at getting it right. It is worth noting that these Parrot Bluetooth kits generally take about 10 seconds or more to wake up.

It is also worth having several goes at getting the button synchronized before assuming something is broken.

If the button still fails to connect to the kit then try changing the remote cell battery before going through the procedure again.

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