Motorcycle Repair: Four Common Bike Problems That Need Fixing : For bikers, motorcycle repair is an essential aspect of owning a hog. Your machine is constantly exposed to the elements and undergoes a lot of wear and tear that has to be kept in check. In order to enjoy every ride and extend the life of your vehicle, it helps to have a good working knowledge of its parts and operation, as well as a thorough understanding of common problems you might encounter.

Let’s look at four common issues your motorcycle may have that require professional repair jobs.

1. Fuel Contamination

If a bike sits unused with fuel in the tank, that fuel can become contaminated and prevent the machine from starting. The gas goes stale and clogs the fuel system. If you plan to retire your vehicle for the winter, buy a fuel additive solution that can prevent the gas from expiring and clogging the engine. When this doesn’t work, bring the bike to a motorcycle repair center to clear away fuel contamination and get the motor running again.

2. Blown, Punctured, or Worn Out Tires

New bikes tend to come with fairly low-grade tires. Even though these tires are functional, they wear out fairly quickly and are more susceptible to blowouts. When you buy a new hog, plan to upgrade your tires in order to prevent trouble out on the road. Aside from that, have a mechanic replace your tires every couple years, or according to the schedule recommended by your service manual. When you do experience blowouts or tire punctures, trust a professional to replace the damaged tire rather than doing it yourself. He or she will know how to fit the tire on the wheel to ensure the highest possible performance and prevent further issues.

3. Poorly Lubricated Chains

Your motorcycle’s drive train consists of a chain, which, powered by energy from the motor, forces the rear tire to spin. Don’t neglect your chain. It’s crucial to your bike’s performance. A poorly oiled chain can break or slip, causing a skid and putting riders at risk of a serious accident. This is why you need to regularly check and oil the bike’s chain. Your service manual should tell you what kind of chain grease works best for your model, but you should also ask your mechanic about the most industry-trusted greases.

4. General Uncleanliness

Regular riding causes debris to collect on your bike’s interior and exterior. Too much gunk and grime can slow you down, and can even lead to serious mechanical problems if left unchecked. Bring your hog in for regularly scheduled maintenance or diagnostic tests in order to detect these issues, clean out soiled parts, and prevent serious trouble.

The best way to prevent problems before they happen is to be your own mechanic, at least in spirit. Knowing and understanding the mechanics of your vehicle will allow you to maintain it and keep it performing at its highest level. But when it comes time to make a motorcycle repair, professional mechanics have the tools and know-how needed to disassemble and reassemble your vehicle, make clean fixes, and get you back on the road.

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