Mazda CX60 and Mazda CX90

Mazda CX60 and Mazda CX90: Diesel Offerings That Remain Relevant

Amidst dramatic changes in the automotive industry, with the rising popularity of electric and hybrid vehicles, Mazda stays true to its commitment to diesel technology. Their two latest models, the Mazda CX60 and Mazda CX90, demonstrate how Mazda endeavors to understand the needs of customers seeking high-quality diesel vehicles. We will delve deeper into Mazda’s commitment to diesel cars, discussing the specifications and advantages of both vehicles and why they remain relevant in the era of eco-friendly vehicles.

Diesel Cars in the Modern Era: Are They Still Needed?

The dwindling demand for diesel vehicles over the past few years has been a hot topic in the automotive world. The Dieselgate scandal and increasing awareness of the environmental impacts of exhaust emissions have triggered a shift towards more eco-friendly alternative vehicles. However, does this mean that diesel technology should be entirely disregarded? Mazda argues otherwise.

Mazda, as an automaker known for its focus on quality, efficiency, and vehicle performance, still views diesel technology as an essential part of its portfolio. They believe that while electric and hybrid vehicles are becoming more popular, there are customers who still desire the advantages offered by diesel engines, such as high torque and good range.

Mazda CX60 and Mazda CX90
Mazda CX60: The Diesel and Mild Hybrid Combo

One concrete example of Mazda’s commitment to diesel technology is the Mazda CX60. This model is equipped with a 3.3-liter diesel engine that features a turbocharger, producing a peak output of 251 horsepower and an impressive 406 pound-feet of torque. What makes it even more intriguing is the integration of mild hybrid technology.

Mazda understands that to remain relevant in the modern era, diesel vehicles need to meet stricter emission standards and be more environmentally friendly. Therefore, the CX60 employs mild hybrid technology to enhance fuel efficiency and reduce emissions. This technology allows the use of electric power to support the diesel engine during acceleration or when the engine operates under optimal conditions.

With the combination of a powerful diesel engine and mild hybrid technology, the Mazda CX60 offers a perfect balance between performance and efficiency. It’s a vehicle suitable for drivers who appreciate high torque for handling various road conditions while also contributing to environmental preservation.

Mazda CX90: The Premium Diesel Vehicle

While the Mazda CX60 shines in the midsize crossover segment, the Mazda CX90 targets a more exclusive market. This vehicle is a real representation of Mazda’s commitment to providing high-quality diesel cars that also exude sophistication.

The CX90 is equipped with an advanced diesel engine that delivers remarkable power while maintaining good fuel efficiency. With outstanding performance, the CX90 is suitable for drivers seeking a premium vehicle with the advantages of a diesel engine.

Besides its robust engine, the Mazda CX90 also offers luxurious features and the latest technology. A lavish interior, sophisticated entertainment system, and various advanced safety features make driving the CX90 an exceptional experience. It’s a vehicle suitable for those who desire a combination of performance, comfort, and style.

Mazda Stays True to Diesel Vehicles

The Mazda CX60 and Mazda CX90 serve as tangible evidence of Mazda’s commitment to high-quality diesel vehicles. While market trends may change, Mazda remains steadfast in its belief that diesel technology still has its place, especially for those who seek robust performance and good fuel efficiency.

By combining advanced diesel engines with mild hybrid technology,  Mazda CX60, and Mazda CX90 have created vehicles that can compete in the modern automotive era focused on energy efficiency and sustainability. The Mazda CX60 and Mazda CX90 are not just ordinary diesel vehicles; they are embodiments of Mazda’s vision for a greener future, without sacrificing the performance desired by many drivers.

So, while many other automakers are shifting towards alternative technologies, Mazda CX60 and Mazda CX90 stay true to the roots of diesel technology that has helped them build a reputation as a manufacturer of high-quality vehicles. In this regard, Mazda CX60 and Mazda CX90 a real-life examples of how a company can innovate and remain relevant while meeting the needs of its loyal customers.

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