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Green Country

India Is The Least Green Country To Make And Drive Electric Cars : Based on an analysis by independent research group, Shrink that Footprint, India has been classified as the least green country to manufacture and drive the electronic cars. The heavy coal based power generation in India has resulted in huge emission from the cars similar to that from the cars running on petrol.

It was found from the evaluation of the Impact of the grid powered electric vehicles operated in the leading 20 countries of the world that the fully electric operated car generates the fuel emission up to 20 MPG as compared to that of petrol vehicles.

According to the assessment, Paraguay is the greenest place on Earth that produces 5 times more hydro-electricity that what it consumes and is said to produce emission as comparable as 218 MPG petrol Cars.

The next place that falls second on the list of green places to drive an electric car on earth is Ireland followed by countries like Brazil, Sweden and France.

A little shades of green were also found in China making it appropriate for driving the electric cars as the coal-based power generation in China is less carbon intensive in comparison to India.

The lead author of the analysis of the survey conducted in the leading 20 countries said that this survey has only highlighted the climate benefits of going electric in terms of cars differs from country to country across the globe. To reach the level of reduced carbon potential the electric cars have to be deployed with lowered level of carbon electricity.

In the United States, shale boom gas has started replacing the coal based power generation with the reduced carbon electric driving emission rapidly.

The Electric Cars have been greatly criticized for not being environment friendly and harming the planet in numerous other ways. According to a published survey in Norway, Electronic Vehicles are more widely polluting than it is assumed in the world. The study emphasized on the counter production of the electronic vehicles, when the electricity which is produced is produced by coal and oil.

The group of Shrink that Footprint’s works on the carbon emission of the electric cars in the leading top 20 countries o earth and analyzed then. The result of the survey concluded that the emission is four times greater in the countries generating power by utilizing the coal base than the countries with low carbon power.

It is interesting to know that the analysis also suggests that the carbon emission of he electric cars in the leading countries with the coal-based generation is not much different to car running on petrol.

One of the unique qualities of this survey conducted was that it focused on the manufacturing differences between the electric and petrol vehicles.