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Hydrogen Fuel Cell cars

Do Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cars Work? : Do Hydrogen Fuel Cell cars really work or is it just more hype? Well the answer is most definitely yes, they do work and with all the improvements over the last few years they are getting more and more efficient and even and more popular. As research and development and maybe even more importantly (government funding) becomes available the idea of a Hydrogen Generator car is nothing to be ignored. In fact these (cars that run on water) promise to be the next great leap forward in the green wave of the future.

OK let me explain the bit about (cars that run on water).
The Hydrogen Gas or HHO gas that is used to power these Hydrogen Fuel Cell cars is produced by a process where electrolysis is used to break down the molecules of ordinary tap water into Hydrogen and Oxygen, (HHO gas). This gas is then introduced into the airflow on the intake manifold of your vehicles existing engine where it is mixed with the ordinary gasoline from your fuel tank. The result is a very very fine hydrogen enhanced mix that will burn much more efficiently and thoroughly, thus leading to gas mileage improvements and lower exhaust emissions.

Unlike fossil fuels such as oil and gasoline which we all know will become more scarce and more expensive and will eventually run out altogether, Hydrogen is one of the most abundant elements as it exists in ordinary water. Also a hydrogen generator car does not emit carbon dioxide into the air which is one of the biggest causes of air pollution contributing to global warming. Also these cars are very reliable in cold weather making for easier starting. And as they burn the fuel much more efficiently it gives a much smoother and quieter ride.

At the moment these cars are obviously going to be very expensive to buy, but as technology and development is improved the price will eventually come down to be within the reach of most of us. In the mean time any one concerned enough about the environment or anyone looking to make great gas mileage improvements to their existing vehicle can always convert their own cars and trucks to run on Hydrogen, by either buying a complete Hydrogen Generator kit or even by downloading instructions from the internet showing how to make your own homemade hydrogen generator.

These kits contain most of what you will need to convert your vehicle but they can still be a bit on the expensive side. The downloadable instruction manuals widely available on the internet give you instructions to build your own using parts available from most motor stores. These obviously work out cheaper but do require some mechanical knowledge.

So do Hydrogen Fuel Cell cars work?
Most definitely YES not only do they work but they work very well, burning fuel up to six times more efficiently than an ordinary gasoline engine. So if you are looking to do your bit for the environment or if you’re just after some great gas mileage improvements you should really consider switching over to Hydrogen Fuel Cell cars.