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Audi Adds Hybrid Goodness To The 2013 Audi Q5 Model : Audi’s Q5 series was a huge success from the very beginning when it was first launched in 2009. Now, the 2013 continues to create a great stir and excitement amongst car enthusiasts and Audi-lovers, largely due to the use of hybrid technology which has enhanced the performance of the conventional Audi Q5.

The exterior design is similar to the older version, though not exactly identical; the 2013 model shall sport a new, single-frame grille and flatter roofline. Optional xenon headlights and an aluminum hood and wrap-around tailgate are further deviations. Also, three new colors as well as fabrics (for upholstery) are available with the Audi Q5 2013.

While the car’s appearance is typically Audi, style coupled with subtlety, it is the innovative power mechanics that has grabbed the industry’s attention. Where the standard Audi Q5 came with a turbocharged, direct-inject, 2 liter inline-2 engine, the basics do not change with the 2013 model. What is added though is a 40 kW or 54 horsepower electric motor offering 345 pound-feet of torque which draws power from lithium – ion batteries placed at the rear end of the vehicle. The engine and electric motor are joined together by a clutch and deliver power to the car’s wheels though an automatic gearbox (which offers 8-speed navigation) and all-wheel drive. As in all well-designed, hybrid models, Audi’s new Q5 will be capable on running entirely on the 2.0 TFSI engine, only on electric mode for 1.9 miles and in combination as well. Audi promises that the Q5 Hybrid shall be capable of delivering a whopping 34 mpg fuel, efficiency, though one should realistically expect the car to have EPA figures for the city and highway to be in the higher twenties.

Those heavily interested in automobiles and latest innovations in the industry are greatly impressed by the improved electric-assist steering. Also, Audi Connect is a new upgrade that is extremely suited to family usage of the vehicle – it is a navigation-assist system which uses Google Maps to allow for a better travel experience. The enhanced resources for internet connectivity and the car’s ability to act as a WiFi hotspot for up to 8 mobile devices are welcome additions to an already user-friendly car.

Other than the simple Audi Q5 Hybrid version, Audi shall also be launching another model with a turbodiesel engine and 7-speed, twin-clutch gearbox, which is expected to be available in the US by this Fall. This version shall be somewhat more sporty than the simple Audi Q5 Hybrid, though specifics are hard to predict as yet. What is most striking is that the Audi Q5 Hybrid models are capitalizing upon the rising demand for fuel efficient crossover SUVs, and providing luxury cars that are so much more advanced than older versions. One can expect the hybrid Q5 models to do as well, if not better than the standard Q5 series. The exact impact of this model on the automobile market would be easy to gauge a couple of years hence.