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Alternative Fuel Efficient Cars : You have probably heard “fuel efficient cars” about a thousand times already, but these cars really are great for the environment and for your wallet. Yes, they are expensive at first, but eventually they will pay off with the lack of gas bills that you will have to pay. They also emit much less pollutants than diesel engines do, so you will be helping your environment by investing in one. If many more people start buying alternative fuel efficient cars, such as hybrids, then the atmosphere of the world will eventually heal and we will no longer have to worry about global warming or destroying the Earth.

Why Diesel Engines are Bad

Diesel engines are, of course, very common in commercial vehicles such as large cargo trucks, and many are seen on consumer cars such as pickup trucks. Diesel engines work by using the fuel you give them (oil) in a combustion reaction. However, not all of this fuel is used effectively to power the car. In fact, only 15% of the fuel you put into a diesel engine will be used for driving and other functions of the car. The rest of it simply pollutes the air with toxic chemicals, and people are starting to realize the hazardous effects that they have on the world. The price of oil is also gradually increasing, so using all of your money to purchase oil is not worth it if you can invest in a different and more efficient type of car. Filling up a diesel tank nowadays can cost more than $100, which is just not affordable for many families.

Why Electric or Hybrid Engines are Good

Above you can see obvious reasons why diesel engines are not healthy for the environment, or for your wallet. However, two different types of engines for cars are currently available on the market, and ready to be used by citizens all over the country. You have probably heard of a “hybrid” car by now, which is a car that uses an engine that utilizes both oil and electricity in order to power the car. It also uses a smaller engine with lighter parts, so that that engine does not have to work as hard in order to move the car. The electric motor helps to power the car, thus allowing the engine to work less hard and waste less gas. Also, the energy used when you brake is recycled and put into the battery in a hybrid car.

In an electric car, there is an absence of an engine altogether. The engine is replaced by an electric motor, much like the one in a hybrid car. This electric motor is powered by a set of rechargeable batteries, so it removes the need for oil completely. This is obviously a plus, since the car will not emit dangerous chemicals into the air, and you won’t have to pay a high price for gas. In fact, a full charge for an electric car is said to cost as low as $2.00 to $4.00. This is amazing compared to the almost $100 dollars you spend filling up your diesel engine car.