All About DIN and Double DIN

All About DIN and Double DIN

All About DIN and Double DIN. A DIN is the standard measurement for car stereos. A double-sized DIN is also a standard size for car stereos with specific measurements. The term DIN was originated from a German organization named Deutsches Institut fur Nomung. Later on, the ISO or International Standard Organization adapted the term DIN to signify the standard measurement for car stereos.


The majority of car stereo head units are either DIN or double-sized DIN. DIN head units are 180 mm by 50 mm. However, there is no conventional measurement for the depth of the installation. In the United States, the standard size of the DIN head unit is 2 mm by 7 inches.

Double DIN

The size of the double DIN panel is 180 mm by 100 mm or 4 inches by 7 inches. Some respected car makers adopted the double DIN to fit bigger radios. On the other hand, several car companies still prefer the standard DIN size. The double DIN head unit is often chosen to make the radio more prominent in the dashboard. In addition to this, double-sized DIN head units are loved by senior drivers since the controls and buttons are larger to see and easier to read.

Mounting The Double-Sized DIN

When setting up a double-sized DIN head unit, you will need a mounting kit. You can buy this at your local automotive store. A mounting kit is actually a plastic that holds the unit in place so that it will not fall when the vehicle runs and vibrates. The plastic faceplate covers the outside of the unit filling up the excess spaces, which was left by dismounting the DIN. Without the mounting kit, the DIN will float on the dashboard and there will be visible spaces up and down. The mounting kit also makes the installation clean.

Why more people prefer double-sized DIN?

The answer for this question is very simple. Double DIN are becoming more popular and it has a lot of features that a normal radio can provide. Many double-sized DINs can play DVDs, and serve as GPS navigation, television, and more. The doubled size also implies that the unit can support many features that would not match smaller units, for instance, a flip-up screen.

These are the basic things that you should know about the DIN and double DIN. You can search on the internet if you want to know some models of actual double-sized DIN. In case you are interested to buy one, there are many websites that provide reviews on double DIN. Good luck!

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