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Accessories to Buy With Your Sony Xplod Car Sound System. When you buy a car stereo system, it is essential that you get a few accessories so that you are able to make optimum use of it. The accessories not only add to the overall experience but add to the life of the stereo system. One of the best car stereo systems available at present is the Sony Xplod. Bearing Sony’s name and quality, it is a great buy for anyone seeking a world-class music player for his car. Here are some accessories you can get with your Sony Xplod.

Satellite Radio Tuners

If you want to listen to the radio on the go, you have to get a satellite radio tuner. It catches all the AM/ FM stations and you will be able to listen to your favorite radio shows. Sony itself has manufactured a number of radio kits to make their stereo systems compatible with FM frequencies.

High Definition Radio Tuners

Going beyond the satellite radio tuners, HD radio tuners enhance the sound quality you receive from the radio stations. You will be able to listen to the radio with CD-quality sound and even the AM stations will sound as good as the FM stations do.

iPod Interface Adapter

Your Sony Xplod can be connected to a number of portable music players including the iPod. For this, you have to get the iPod interface adapter. Plug in your iPod and browse your music library to listen to music on the go. The sound quality ensures that the listening experience is better than when you plug in your headphones.

Auxiliary Input Cables

The Sony Xplod is compatible with Sony Walkman and other portable music players. You can make an easy connection using the auxiliary input cable which you can get with your stereo system. It is a great accessory to buy as a portable music player can store hundreds of songs at once.

Steering Wheel Audio Control Adapter

To make sure that you don’t have problems controlling the stereo while driving, you can get the steering wheel audio control adapter. It connects your steering wheel to the stereo and you can control it easily while keeping your hands on the wheel at all times.

Installation Tools

A range of installation tools are available to give you the opportunity to carry out the installation yourself. You don’t need to spend money hiring a technician to install your Xplod stereo. Follow the user manual and you will be able to do it easily.


There are a number of other accessories that can come in handy with your Sony Xplod stereo system, such as disc cleaners, lens cleaners, and test discs. These accessories are basically to keep the stereo in order and ensure that you don’t play any dirty discs that can damage the lens.

These are some of the accessories you can buy with your Sony Xplod car stereo unit to enhance your experience. The system offers high-quality sound, convenience, and quality at a reasonable price, leaving you enough money to spend on a few accessories.

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