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the Chevrolet SAIL U-VA

About the Chevrolet SAIL U-VA : Looking for a car that will offer you the ultimate enjoyment of driving? Then drive the all new premium hatchback, the Chevrolet SAIL U-VA. Designed with a host of impressive features, the car flaunts a breathtaking contour and a flexible, stylish and amazingly spacious interior. The car is all about style and technology and it will surely offer you a lightful journey.

Captivating Exterior

The exterior of the vehicle is truly something to look at. The bold stance of the front side of the car makes the vehicle stand out from the rest. It comes armed with a dual-port chrome grille. The golden bowtie that marks the signature style of Chevrolet enhances the appeal of the car even more. Its classy aerodynamic contour, eye-catching headlamp design, well-built rear flanks and a range of stylish touches truly accentuate the European styling of the car.

Let me elucidate on some of the major highlights of the car’s exterior:

Beautifully Designed Front Fog Lamps

The design of the sparking front fog lamps of the car have been inspired from “Shooting Star”. The lamps provide superior quality visibility even in difficult driving conditions.

Powerful Front Headlamps

The impressively designed front headlamps will remarkably boost your visibility angle, offering a more clear view of the road ahead.

Panoramic View

This adorable feature will offer you superior front and overall visibility.

Wide-Opening Design Of the Rear Door

This is another impressive feature of Chevrolet SAIL U-VA that will allow you to slide into the rear seats without any difficulty.

Impressive Interior

The interior of the vehicle is equally impressive. The cabin is not only visually appealing but also incredibly spacious. It can easily accommodate five people. The interior design is a winning combination of sophistication, comfort and sporty styling. As you get inside the car, you just cannot stop admiring the elegantly designed dual-cockpit with the beautiful central instrument cluster. Grab on to the V Style steering wheel and enjoy a delightful drive. The window control is centrally placed; hence it becomes easy to operate by the passengers.

Smart And Spacious Design

The smart and spacious design of the all new SAIL U-VA utilizes every inch of space productively and creatively. The car has been designed with 25 discreet and convenient storage spaces spread across the vehicle. This will help you to place your items easily that you can access any time you need them.

“Flex Flat” Design

“Flex Flat” design is another admirable feature of this stylish vehicle. It will allow you to fold the rear seat completely.

Boot Space

This ergonomically designed vehicle offers 1134 l of boot space. Low on height and broad on width, it makes loading and unloading of luggage into the boot easier.

1.3 l SMARTECH Turbocharged DOHC Diesel Engine

The car designed with 1.3 l SMARTECH Turbocharged DOHC Diesel Engine offers superb mileage of 22.1 kmpl. This reliable and powerful engine guarantees incredibly high efficiency on fuel. It generates a torque of 78PS and 205 Nm with ease. You will be happy to know that the powerful engine of the car does not only provide high mileage. It also offers a smooth ride and low maintenance cost.

Ensures Safety

As you get inside Chevy SAIL U-VA, you are driving one of the safest cars on the road. The car has been designed with a “Safe Cage” structure to protect passengers in case the car collides with another vehicle. A package of holistic features like Speed Sensitive Door Autolock, Impact Proof Bumpers and a number of other attributes ensure that you are in safe hand while driving.

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