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Murilee Martin

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The 914 was sold here during the 1970 through 1976 model years.

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As you’d imagine, some junkyard shopper grabbed the engine and transmission. Perhaps the engine now lives in a VW Transporter.

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The 914’s frunk wasn’t very roomy.

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There’s plenty of old body filler, though not much obvious rust. 914s rust in places you can’t see easily, though.

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The “heater” didn’t do much in air-cooled Volkswagens and Porsches.

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These “Riviera” wheels were so popular on 914s that I’ve always thought they were factory-issue. It turns out they were made originally for Beetles and sold through VW dealers at first. In any case, this car had a full set when I saw it.

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To understand those graphics, you need to have experienced the 1970s.

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Did it begin life in Canada?

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There were two models of 914 available at first: the regular four-banger 914 and the 914/6 (which had a detuned six-cylinder engine out of the earlier 911). After 1972, the 914/6 went away.

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I’m pretty sure that junkyard employees pried open the frunk after getting frustrated with a difficult latch.

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They say 914s are worth big money in any condition these days, but I still find them every so often in self-service wrecking yards.

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